Amidst large enterprises ramping up their sales & support teams, the aspect of safeguarding the lives of the field force or the road is something which is not given a lot of importance.



In developing countries like India where roads are very unsafe & poor habits like overspeeding & harsh accelerations are a part of a driver’s daily routine, catastrophes are bound to happen.


The steps that can be taken to curtail or rather put an end to these pressing problems are:




Continuous training can help improve the safety of the field force and bring down road safety incidents by up to 70%.


Use of Technology:



While most of the safety heads of large enterprises highly rely on classroom training for the employees to understand safety, it’s difficult to keep a track of the impact of the counselling provided. By installing IoT devices into the vehicles on which the employee travels, we can help you arrive at a risk profile for every single employee by monitoring factors such as harsh acceleration, over speeding, harsh cornering etc. Data can not only help safety heads but also help the employees to introspect about their respective driving habits.


Using a gamified application


By putting in place a gamified mobile application the employee becomes a part of the organisation’s Safety Transformation. The application can have features like leaderboards & badges that can be a part of the Reward & Recognition program of the company to help the employee happily comply.


Vehicle Management Centre(VMC)


To get a bird’s eye view of the safety statistics, the Vehicle Management Centre(VMC) will be the facilitator. For the anomalies noticed, the administrator from the VMC can reach out to the employee to counsel them and eventually bring about a behavioural change. 

This is an important step, every organization with a large field force should take, taking companies closer towards their goal of “Zero Harm” and establishing a strong safety culture within the organization.

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