With the world moving around at a slow pace there is no track of time as businesses have slowed down since the new dynamics. 

But a Ray of hope is still surviving in the transport and logistics sector! Whether it is transporting essential goods, consumer goods, cold chain goods, or any other equipment related transport services, Transport and Logistic Companies are one of the few businesses still surviving the pandemic. But we do need to alter the work pattern for further growth and stability. One of the essential tools empowering Transport and Logistics Companies is an intelligent fleet management system. A comprehensive fleet management system is no less than a boon in surviving this tumultuous time.


Here are the top 5 things to consider for running a profitable fleet during Covid-19



1. Real-Time Visibility with Live Vehicle Tracking:

Telematics plays an instrumental role in tracking your vehicle’s every movement such as – Driver monitoring, fuel pilferage, vehicle idling time, GPS tracking, etc. these are all monitored through a fleet management systems.


2. Fuel monitoring devices for your fleet:

The most common issue faced by the transportation and logistics companies is fuel pilferage. But with a fleet management system, the owner can have complete control over the fuel usage without being physically present with the vehicle. They can further monitor the fuel through the system giving real-time visibility of fuel usage. Owners can also track when and where and how much fuel was filled by the driver at the click of a button hence, ensuring no fuel pilferage

By monitoring fuel activity with such a thorough check, you can reduce your fuel cost by as much as 20%. Doesn’t that sound profitable??


3. Eliminate Delays with Route Management System:


When the driver starts his journey from location ‘A’ the route management system will give him a complete road map of the journey to reach the ‘desired location’. In this way, the driver gets access to the shortest route possible and also saves fuel and time. 

Many times it happens that drivers unnecessarily take long routes to get paid higher. Such kind of malpractice is a usual thing in the transport and logistics companies. But with a Route management system such as Route Analytics, the owner gets instant travel details at a single click. 

Why do you need this?

  1. Sends auto alerts about the pickup and delivery appointments to the drivers and owners thus minimize idling time.
  2. Use real-time data to save labour costs, by effective planning.
  3. 24/7 tracking of driver and vehicle performance to execute the trip most effectively.
  1. No paperwork since everything is digitized.


4. Eliminate Underutilization of your Fleet:

Get data driven decisions with real time visibility towards and effective telematic solution.

Let’s be honest, as an owner, you cannot trust everyone, that they will always play fair! Many times drivers do not use the fleet to the best of its capacity and submit a false report of higher fuel usage. To tackle this issue, the Fleet management system tracks all the vehicles and lets you know about their whereabouts by giving a detailed report of the number of vehicles running, idling and the ones that have achieved the scheduled work

In this way, the owner can keep track of all your vehicles and save fuel and cost by taking corrective measures in case of poor performing vehicles.


5. Improve Driver Behavior by Real-Time Monitoring:

We provide workforce management software which has features like driver behaviour monitoring, speed sensors and safety monitoring for your field force.

Most of the road accidents happen due to the driver’s reckless driving. No control over the speed, Distracted driving are some of the factors leading to the high rate of road accidents. But we can control these road accidents to a great extent by monitoring the driving behaviour 24×7 with the help of a Fleet management system. 

So how can you minimise accidents?

  1. Monitor vehicle speed.
  2. Monitor harsh driving patterns such as sudden breaks, over speeding, etc.


Optimising driver behaviour not only saves on maintenance cost but also fuel, and not to forget the most important – the lives of the many innocent people on the road.



These unprecedented times have brought businesses to a standstill! Covid-19 has affected the whole human race at large. But we can cope with these times by using FleetConnect – A Fleet intelligence platform. It also comes with a new feature called the ‘COVID – Hotspot locator’ which will enable the driver to know if he is driving into a containment zone by giving him instant alerts! This way you not only get to do your business on time but also help in reducing the risk associated with the Transport and Logistics Companies in these times. 

FleetConnect is one of a kind fleet intelligence platform for Transport and Logistics Companies to optimise every aspect of their fleet operations.


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