The transportation of food poses a safety risk especially for dairy products, which require a constant temperature in order to protect its quality and viability. In addition, food and beverages are the most common types of cargo stolen in transit. With organized crime targeting the dairy industry, transport vehicles are a prime target. Once cargo leaves the farm or shipping warehouse, the ability to control and protect the product lessens, as there are a number of things that can compromise the integrity of a load and its chain of custody.

Fleet management technology is the solution that all fleets should consider as their first and strongest line of defense for safety and security in dairy transport. Aside from the benefits that such technology delivers in terms of routing, compliance, fuel management, vehicle maintenance and hours of service compliance, it also addresses back office concerns related to theft, efficiency, operational costs and safety. Additionally, fleet management solutions provide a wealth of cargo and trip-related data that can be translated into actionable intelligence to meaningfully impact a company’s bottom line. As it directly relates to the transport of refrigerated dairy foods, fleet management technology integrated with proper sensors ensures that companies can control and document temperature adherence across the entire movement of the load, receive prompt notification of tampering, unscheduled departures or entry, and archive a detailed trail showing the route traveled and related driver activities. Here are the most prominent benefits of using IOT in Dairy Industry:

Location Tracking empowers managers of Dairy Fleets :

A common concern voiced by many in the dairy food industry relates to knowing where their delivery trucks are at any moment. Are they en route? Has the driver taken an alternative route? Is the driver lost? Has the truck broken down? Has the delivery been completed? All of these questions can be easily answered with the right fleet management solution like FleetConnect. Location tracking is a critical capability to a dairy fleet as it empowers managers with information about the location of its trucks. Fleet management technology also helps fleets monitor the status and location of trailers and containers, and can detect the presence or absence of cargo via sensors.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring of Cold storage Rooms :

The transport of dairy products to store shelves opens a number of complexities and risks related to temperature and humidity control. Whether these events are intentional or unintentional, it is imperative that the product not be compromised. Temperature control is a big challenge. The cargo must be kept at an appropriate and constant temperature throughout the entire delivery process. If temperatures are not maintained, dairy foods can quickly spoil and cost companies thousands of dollars in product that can no longer be sold to the public. With timely and accurate data related to temperatures and cargo, companies can better ensure the safe and efficient transport of their product.

Fuel Monitoring of Diesel Generator Sets and Vehicle Fleet :

Remote monitoring of diesel generator includes fuel consumption monitoring and monitoring of engine operating parameters. Such kind of monitoring helps to plan timely refuelling and maintenance, also it is a good way to determine and prevent fuel thefts and generator breakdown. Actual fuel consumption of the diesel generator, Identification and prevention of theft of fuel, Accounting for the actual running time of the engine in the modes (starter, optimal, full load) can be monitored. Also, fuel thefts of the vehicle fleet can be identified, reported and instant alerts can be sent to dairy fleet managers

Bringing Automation in the Dairy Industry :

Apart from real-time asset tracking, the data obtained through the IoT-powered sensors allows stakeholders to better understand the risks involved, improve operational output and distribution schedules. This inevitably translates into high customer retention, as dairy industry logistics become more streamlined and visible. When IoT-based solutions come into play, there is no need to check the temperature or environmental conditions of cold storage manually. What is more, even goods freshness can be verified without human assistance. Accurate inventory control is another benefit received with IoT hardware. IoT technology makes a difference, eliminating the risk of shipping delays. Wireless automated inventory tracking is less error-prone than standard methods.

Increasing ROI and Fleet Visibility :

A solution like FleetConnect can empower fleet managers to pull out comprehensive reports and a wide frame of data to efficiently track, monitor and control their vehicles — in real-time. FleetConnect offers comprehensive tools, integrated with modern technology. From route analytics to maintenance modules; from predictive analysis to Machine Learning-driven fleet management, IoT-powered intelligence provides seamless and a wide range of solutions that might be fruitful in the long-run for your Dairy business. Bringing IoT should help you move away from cold-packs and cooling containers and into other areas of fleet and packaged shipping methods for temperature visibility, alerts and notifications, real-time data access, automated report generation, and predictive and descriptive real-time analytics. As pioneers in the IoT industry, IOT Research Labs has helped enterprises develop connectivity solutions to help drive their business forward.


So if you’re either curious about the IoT-enabled fleet intelligence solution for your dairy business,  get in touch with us to get a clear idea of what you need and why you need it.