Diwali season is here, and so is the season of festivities

While the festivities bring us joy, we wanted to throw some light on Safety while you enjoy yourself with your loved ones. 

The roads are reasonably unsafe during Diwali as compared to regular times. Every year India reports many casualties as a result of unsafe road conditions. A majority of these three reasons are subject to making the roads risky for driving:

1. Drunk Drivers 

2. Crackers 

3. Smog

But there are many ways to reduce these risks and make yourself fairly safer on the roads and that’s what we’ll be covering through this article. 

1.  Keep your windows closed:

Make a conscious decision to keep windows shut at all times to prevent any crackers or fireworks from entering by accident.

2. Avoid narrow lanes: 

Due to space constraints, there is a higher chance of crossing crackers making it difficult for you to keep a safe distance

3. Stop the car at a decent distance if there are people bursting crackers ahead:

Most people are home during the festivals. Hence it is recommended to choose a route thoughtfully- one which doesn’t have long stretches of deserted streets or has secluded spots.

4. Check your car’s lights:

The car lights need to be in working conditions, especially if you are planning to drive at night. Make sure the upper and dipper is working along with the left-right and parking indicator

5. Park your car in a covered area: 

Lastly, yet most importantly, choose your parking spot wisely. You don’t want a firecracker to land on your car and cause damage to it. Ensure you have covered parking, where your car is safe from any unwanted mishappenings.

Remember, being alert and proactive is the only way to be safe on the road. Never encourage a careless attitude when it comes to safety.

Your safety is purely your responsibility!

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