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IoT Powered fleet intelligence, improves safety, efficiency and profitability

Increase fleet visibility

Real time visibility into all critical information like location, speed, driver behavior, vehicle status and much more.

Worker and asset safety

Ensure your fleet is running optimal all the time with comprehensive insightful reports on fleet utilization, fuel consumption, summary reports and trends.

Run a safe fleet

Keep track on unsafe driving practices to arrive at a risk profile for each driver. Gamified reports ensure the safety of the fleet improves.

Reduce vehicle downtime

Your vehicle will spend less time in the work shop and preventive maintenance schedules save on vehicle repair cost.

Improved Schedules

Route Analytics ensures your vehicle is on schedule all the time. Get insights on inefficient routes to drive change.

Eliminate Pilferage

High accuracy and intelligent fuel sensor identifies and alerts stakeholders of fuel theft & unusual usage patterns. Goods pilferage is also addressed by alerting in case of unauthorized removal of goods.

Sensor Capabilities