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We, at IoT Research Labs (IoTRL), are driven by a strong focus on meeting total customer satisfaction through our avant-garde solutions in a competitive marketplace and simultaneously realize increased financial, operational and institutional efficiency. We have established trust among our clients and continue to embark on the growth path by providing companies, enterprises big and small, and individuals with excellent cost-effective telematics solutions.

Increase fleet visibility

With a multi-skilled workforce, we are devoted to cutting edge Research and Development at IoTRL to develop technology and solutions that would keep our customers ahead of their times.

With a current focus on Telematics Solutions, IoTRL has helped companies and enterprises recognise vital cost-cutting spaces and manage their fleet better than ever.

With a penchant to grow exponentially, we are keen to pursue research in other potential verticals of the IOT segment which are still untrodden and not yet explored.


IoTRL (IoT Research Labs) has excelled at delivering quality support and services to its customers.

With a committed team of innovators and professionals, we have traveled an extra mile to deliver our customers the best they can get. We achieved reliability, by delivering on quality. We plan to trek our way up, to keep delivering on our promises. Travel the ‘other’ extra mile with us. Become our partner in growth, IoTRL provides solutions which are essential to any business. We deliver tech-products which adds another dimension to the optimization of business resources and logistic cycles.

GPS tracking and monitoring services are soon to form the back-bone of any company which is looking for cost-cutting measures. We provide these services to our customers at affordable prices, without compromising on quality.

Thanmai Deeksith

Product Head

Thanmai, a Mechanical Engineer from PES University overlooks potential innovations in the integration of various IOT segments through technologies at hand and incorporating unique features to provide customers a quality service in every domain.

Shibani Sen

Chief Operations Officer

With over 19 year of experience in Logistics and supply chain, procurement, strategic sourcing and project management skills. Worked With IBM, HSBC. her global benchmarks for quality aligns perfectly with our culture of being progressive and contemporary.

Careers at IOT Research Labs

We’re always on the lookout for talented and dedicated people to join our growing team.