Advantages Of Fuel Monitoring And How Your Fleet Can Make Full Use Of It


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If you have a fleet of 100 vehicles, you are could be losing INR 6.5 Crore each year.
With the ever so volatile fuel price in our country, it has become absolutely necessary for a fleet owner or manager to keep a close watch on their vehicle activities and ultimately fuel consumption.

Fuel is an unavoidable expense but nowadays, companies that own their own fleet of vehicles tend to spend more on fuel than anticipated, due to the following practices that are plaguing the industry:

  1. Good old fuel theft- this entails draining of fuel from the fuel tank by putting in a pipe and transferring the fuel to another container, the pilfered fuel is usually sold in black.
  2. Stealing fuel from the return line, the fuel that doesn’t undergo combustion in the engine is siphoned by altering the pipe that takes the fuel back to the tank, fuel is collected in a container and then misused.
  3. Manipulation of fuel vouchers & bills.
  4. Inappropriate use of official vehicles for personal use.
  5. Fictitious work “there are many instances where the driver claims to be working by turning the vehicle on but ends up turning on the Air conditioning and enjoying his or her siesta.
  6. Bad driving habits like harsh acceleration, braking, cornering & over speeding significantly affect the vehicle’s mileage.
  7. Adulteration of fuel by making use of lower grade fuels might earn the driver a few bucks but adversely affect the vehicle in the long run and drastically affect maintenance Fuel monitoring graphcosts.

Although these challenges persist, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the breakthrough in technology there is no challenge too big to be addressed, here is where IoT comes to the rescue. By installing a fuel sensor coupled with a vehicle tracking unit, fleet managers have real-time visibility on the exact quantity of fuel in the fuel tank with up to 100 percent accuracy, with this information fuel theft and refuels don’t go unnoticed, fleet managers are also alerted via an SMS, notification, and Email in case of such anomalies. When this is coupled with a fuel flow meter, stealing of fuel from the return line can be eliminated completely. Fuel sensors of today are smart enough to indicate the quality of fuel in the tank and trigger alerts in case of sub-standard fuel usage.

The vehicle tracking unit thatFuel theft monitoring gets installed onto the vehicle along with the fuel sensor is a powerhouse in itself, it has the ability to relay real-time location information. Driver behavior information is also drawn as driving habits significantly attributes to a vehicle’s mileage. It’s very important for fleet managers and companies to have visibility over the actual working hours vs idling hours, this helps analyze vehicle utilization that allows companies to make informed business decisions.

Clients of IoT Research Labs who have opted for our fuel monitoring solution had initially noticed 20-30 liters of fuel theft occurring on a daily basis per vehicle, which transpires to a loss of about INR 6.5 crore per 100 vehicles, our real-time alerts, and insightful reports allowed them to take steps to prevent this from happening ever again.

With the advancements in technology, it is necessary for companies to embrace such solutions, as it would help them optimize, increase profitability and stay relevant in today’s competitive landscape.

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