Automate Your Fleet Management WIth FleetConnect An AIS 140 Compliant Fleet Intelligent Solution


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The ecosystem of fleet management has tremendously evolved over the past couple of years. Today, various industries like coldchain, mining & infrastructuretransport & logisticsfood & beverage distribution etc, are powered with IoT which has seamlessly transformed the fleet operations across all of them.

However, the recent developments by the government paint an even bigger picture for advanced technologies like the IoT-powered sensors.

As per the government mandate by the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, an AIS 140-compliant Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT) device and panic button(s) must be installed in all public transport vehicles.

They include –

  • State road transport corporations
  • Domestic and interstate private bus operators
  • Ambulances and emergency response vehicles
  • All educational institutions transport vehicles
  • Passenger cars, buses and taxi owners
  • Rent-A-Car services
  • National permit trucks
    This is applicable to both existing vehicles and newly registered vehicles (excluding the auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws)

AIS 140 standards ensure safety and security of long-distance travellers and daily commuters. They also aim to enhance the response time in terms of medical emergencies. The GPS tracker, powered by IoT enables fleet management companies in curbing reckless driving through insightful reports and analyses on driver behaviour.

The following are some of the functional requirements of a VLT device to be AIS 140 compliant –


  1. Should be able to transmit data to a minimum of 2 different IP addresses; one set of data (PVT data) to the first IP address for regulatory purpose and the second IP address exclusively for emergency request system.
  2. The device should operate with an embedded SIM (e-SIM). i.e. embedded in GPS tracking device module.
  3. The device needs to be dust, temperature, vibration, water-splash resistant preferably IP65 rated or better and tamper-proof.
  4. It needs to have three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope for getting the alerts on harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and rash driving.

These are the prerequisites in addition to the physical tests conducted by ARAI to make sure the tracking devices comply with the standards.

To ensure safe and smart travel all across the nation, the intelligent solutions offered by IoT Research Labs are AIS 140 compliant and aim at augmenting the vision of the government with features like

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Route analytics
  • Real-time information on driver behaviour
  • Insightful reports on fleet utilization
  • Fuel utilization reports

Our integrated technology — FleetConnect — fosters safer travel and also helps vehicle owners and fleet management companies track, monitor and manage their fleets efficiently. We also enable fleet operators optimize their business and increase the profitability by 10-15%.

While there are a lot of companies out there that offer such promises, IoT Research Labs constantly strive to make a mark in the realm of fleet intelligence solutions by tailoring our services to your industry needs.

Our products are seamless & efficient that can help you revolutionize your fleet operations, efficiently.

If you’re looking to automate your fleet operations or planning to integrate them on a connected platform, you can connect with us to get personalized solutions that enhance your operations and optimize your business.