Battle of the Brands: How to Outpace Your Competitors Using GPS Vehicle Tracking


Reading Time: 2 mins

Who does not want to stay ahead of the competition? Everyone does. For students, it may mean getting more marks and for athletes, it may mean to shatter the prevailing world record. Taking this further, all companies also want to stay ahead on the curve, but a lot of times they do not know how to achieve that. We strongly feel that in the current day and age the only way to accomplish that is by using technology as a foundation. For any company to differentiate itself from the plethora of others, it needs to adopt technologies that others have not.

We are happy to take the example of some of our own clients. The third largest cement exporter in India is using our solutions to optimize their turnaround time (internal as well as external). We would just like you to make an estimate, how much savings would that have led to? Whatever you are thinking, we are sure you are far off from the actual figure of 56 crores annually. Similarly, a tours & travels organization is saving almost 6.5 crore rupees by implementing our fuel monitoring solution. And let me assure you beforehand, there is no magic wand in our possession, it is just the use of technology in a simple and effective way to help solve existing problems. Taking vehicle tracking a couple of steps further, we have come with comprehensive solutions.

A lot of times we tend to miss out on the obvious truth, live tracking is not the end, it is a new beginning. Even after being a part of this industry, it is tough for us to estimate the disruption that can be caused just because vehicles can be tracked. Let us give you a small insight into it. Once vehicles are tracked, a lot of other functionalities can be added such as (don’t worry, I will just name a few)

  • Trip Scheduling  – preset times for departure and arrival
  • Geo-fencing – Alerts for breaches of a defined area
  • Route optimization
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Delivery notifications
  • Temperature monitoring

And the list goes on forever.

Now let us try and dig a little deeper and understand how these features have an impact on the profitability. They help

  • Reduce pilferage/theft
  • Improve maintenance
  • Increase accountability

And the most important part, they provide you with the needed data which can then be analyzed to come up with data-driven business decisions.

While we accept that these solutions are not a panacea, but then nothing is. But this is surely a much-needed step in the right direction. What better way there can be of staying ahead of the competition that this? Involves no R&D or effort from the company’s side, just an initial investment that gives them excellent Returns.

Optimize operations, the business optimizes.