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IoT Powered Asset Management for Mining and Construction industries which improves safety, efficiency and profitability.

Fuel monitoring system reports the fuel consumption and eliminates fuel theft.

Comprehensive fuel management

Fuel being an important and expensive resource requires efficient management. Keep track of the fuel quantity unloaded into the underground storage tanks, quantity dispensed by the underground storage tanks into diesel bowsers and from the bowsers to all the assets. Reports help correlate the output with the fuel consumption and alerts in case of any anomalies.

Critical equipment online

In addition to your vehicles, get your generator, weighbridge, hot mix plant and other important assets online to improve the efficiency of each asset and ensure there is no pilferage of expensive raw material like diesel & bitumen, also ensure optimal output.
We provide asset management software with features like fuel management, GPS tracking, asset monitoring for mining and construction industries.

Asset Management

Know exactly where all your assets are with real time GPS tracking, get insights into equipment utilization and condition for better allocation and prevent unnecessary purchases.

Reduce vehicle downtime

Your vehicle will spend less time in the work shop and preventive maintenance schedules save on vehicle repair cost

End to end visibility

Real time visibility into operation critical parameters like location, speed, fuel level, activity status, load carried engine faults codes.

Activity Insights

Heat map view of where your fleet activity is centered around, ensure the activity is as per plan

Increase fleet efficiency

Ensure your fleet is running optimal all the time with comprehensive insightful reports on fleet utilization, fuel consumption, summary reports and trends.

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Sensor Capabilities

Temperature sensor for fleet.


Fuel sensor for fleet.



Door sensor for fleet.


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