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Temperature monitoring for cold chain management.

Temperature compliance

Storing perishable goods demands specific temperatures, to maintain these temperatures there is a huge need for electricity and fuel, which is investment heavy.
Efficient cold chain management.

Energy Inefficiency

Due to poor handling and negligence, many cold storage rooms and trucks have a low temperature compliance and efficiency.
Theft control in cold chain management.


Fuel and goods theft has become a big problem for cold chain fleets around the world, and it is a real threat to the fleet’s expenditure.
Transparency and accountability in Cold chain management.

Transparency & accountability

In the absence of temperature, fuel and route data, everyone is right. No visibility into operation critical information leads to poor and blindsided decisions.
Cold storage room
Generator for Cold chain management.
Refrigerated truck in Cold chain management.
Delivery bike for Cold chain management.


We provide cold chain management system with sensors like temperature sensor, thermocouple sensor which helps in cold chain logistics and temperature monitoring.

Temperature Compliance

Bring your Generators, Cold Storage Rooms, Lolly tanks, pasteurisation systems and tanks, Refrigerated Trucks, delivery boxes online!

Keep a close eye on negative and positive temperatures, to increase operations efficiency, have an end to end visibility and ensure top quality to your loyal customers.

Increase your brand value adopting the newest technologies in the market.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping temperatures comes with a toll on your electrical bill and fuel bill. Our solution allows you to understand where your major expenditures come from and suggests you where to cut and improve.

Leveraging on us, you can bypass your competition, delivering increased value to your customers.

To know how to save money on your electricity bills give us a call!

End to End Visibility

Keep track of perishable goods temperature in your logistic chain, from production to delivery.

Know and monitor the pasteurisation process, the tanks, the cold storage temperatures, both positive and negative, keep a track on what doors are open and for how many seconds, build SOP’s with our insights, and guarantee the quality to customers and authorities.

Top Quality, always on time!

Route Analytics ensures your vehicle is on schedule at all the planned stops constantly monitoring your goods temperature!

Get insights on inefficient routes, missed/delayed stops, temperature threshold breach trends and corrective actions to take, improving your operations while increasing your profitability.

Real time data with end to end visibility in cold chain management.

Case Studies

“Temperature is, by far, the most important factor
Influencing bacterial growth. Pathogenic bacteria
do not grow well in temperatures under 3°C ….”

This 53 year old company with cold storage units across plants
and across multiple vehicles, wanted a central monitoring system
for all their units where temperature, and therefor electricity
costs and fuel expenditures, played an important role.









Cold storage case study and demo.

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