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EHS & Mobile Workforces

The driver safety platform for safe and efficient fleets and mobile workforces.




If your employees are not engaged and genuinely interested in EHS, you are fighting a losing battle.



Incorporating technology and taking a proactive approach to prevent injuries will allow organizations to lower their incident rates.



EHS will never become a core value within a company culture until the safety strategy is aligned with and supports the business strategy. Safety enables productivity and profitability.



Even if EHS initiatives are well designed to achieve the reduction of the incident rates, they are not always carried out effectively and often lack process metrics to measure the effectiveness of the effort.



Many companies have not worked towards building a culture of safety or are unsure of where to start. In a culture of safety, workers are empowered to take action and are responsible for the safety of themselves and their coworkers.


Driver Safety & Hotspots

IoT Reseach Labs Software solution helps business with mobile workforces to gamify driving, keeping their fleet drivers and fleet vehicles safer through every mile of every trip. Use our intuitive dashboard to identify areas where fleet drivers frequently idle or engage in risky driving.
Driver monitoring system ensures safety with good vehicle health and eliminates pilferage.
We provide school bus tracking system with features like bus GPS tracking, geofencing, driver monitoring and fuel tracking with real-time data analytics.

Operational Efficiency

Imagine if all your entire mobile workforce was actively engaged in behaviors that saved you money. Add to that the actionable data you need to manage your fleet through end-to-end visibility of your field force on the most active business units/regions, and insights on the safety scores and driver behavior leader boards per business unit or region


EHS may not be seen as the most fun topic of conversation, but that’s no reason why you can’t make into something fun. Keep fleet drivers motivated and engaged with visibility into their scores compared to their team through Leader Boards, detailed information and awards for safe fleet driving.

Decreasing Insurance Cost

Numerous relevant insurance companies have recognized the GPS tracking system to be benefiacial and strongly support its implementation. In the most cases, business vehicle with GPS tracking can have insurance premiums reduced from 10 to 30%. GPS tracking has become a reliable option for insurance providers in theft cases, because it can quickly alert the supervising team, enhancing the chance of recovery from theft.

Easy Compliance

Proving you’re in compliance can cost your team a great deal of time. IoT Research Labs fleet management software makes it easier to stay in compliance and generate the field force fleet reports that prove it.

Create your own Reward Schemes

Recognition can be the highest form of praise and motivation. When a department or an individual is recognized publicly, it can have a positive knock on effect to developing better safety practices. Rewards can be monetary or awards.

Increase your Fuel Savings

This is the largest savings any company will see, once installing IoT Research Labs Fleet Management system. Fuel savings will reflect with better routing, less idling, improved driver behavior, and unnecessary stops that are not on the schedule or route.

Maintenance & Engine Diagnostics

Scheduled maintenance alerts based on time or usage triggers to eliminate unwanted asset downtime. Monitor vehicle health in: Powertrain, Gearbox, Engine Control Unit (ECU), Fuel Consumption, etc

Best Cold chain logistics and temperature monitoring system.

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