full-circle monitoring facility for a safer and secure fleet.

Biometric and RFID Integration

IOT Research Labs offer business solutions that keep you ahead of others. The IoTRL biometric reader integrates with the Fleet management system to provide full-circle monitoring facility for a safer and secure fleet. To restrict the entry of any unauthorized person into the vehicle, Biometric reader is an intelligent system put in place to help monitor or restrict access. Vehicle access can be granted to only pre-authorised personnel. Any attempt at accessing the vehicle by an unauthorized person sends alerts to the management instantly.

The integrated RFID reader allows entry of people with authorized RFID cards into the vehicle. The system also captures the entry-exit time of passengers, this information can be used for automating attendance. The intelligent identification system integrated with the GPS fleet management system can provide an extra layer of safety for a fleet.

Access to pre-authorized drivers/ passengers to increase vehicle safely

Helps in efficient driver identification and attendance monitoring.

Prevents pilferage by restricting access to only authorized personnel.

Get real-time alerts in case of any unauthorized vehicle access.

Detailed entry and exit logs for better accountability.

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