Safe and secure channels for cash distribution requires real-time monitoring and tracking of the cash vehicles. The risk associated with the distribution of cash among various cash deposit centers makes it necessary for investment in technologies which ensures a near risk-free transfer.

We at OSS GPS Tracking Solutions have tailor made a solution for this industry. We provide 24*7 tracking of cash vehicles, ensuring the safety of drivers, and an intelligent alert system which triggers alarms in case of thefts. With features of pre-planning routes, a selection of relatively crime safe-roads can be made to minimize risks. We deliver solutions which are meant to put in place safety nets for a secure cash distribution.


Real-time monitoring of cash distribution vehicles

SOS button is present in the vehicle, once pressed an alert is sent to the management and authorities.

Alarms are triggered in the event of a theft, accident or other emergency and alerts are sent via SMS and mail to the management and authorities.

Route deviations trigger an alert via email and SMS to the management and authorities.

Logging of entry-exit time helps investigate in case the need arises.

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