As the world accepts the new normal, the situation is affecting global supply chains and the economy. We at IoT Research Labs are working closely with our customers and looking for more ways to help in this situation.

As your businesses get acclimatized to this situation, here are few things that FleetConnect can offer to better cope with this situation.

1. Remote Work 

Now is the right time for fleet, dispatchers, safety, compliance managers to start working remotely as social distancing is going to be the new normal. 

FleetConnect’s web and mobile application will allow you to:

  1. View the vehicles location, monitor fuel level and the condition of temperature sensitive perishable goods.
  2. Create routes, assign vehicles and drivers this way drivers are notified about their next trip without having to visit the office.
  3. Monitor the progress of trips to ensure timely deliveries.
  4. Access reports on vehicle and driver safety, vehicle utilization and much more

2. Highlight drivers assisting with COVID-19 relief

The drivers and team members involved with relief efforts, can be categorised and tagged appropriately on the FleetConnect application. 

This would allow fleet managers to easily identify such vehicles, prioritise their activities, monitor route performance and ensure estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) are being met.

3. Digital workflows, the new “Social distancing norm”

Conventional workflows involve drivers handling a lot of paperwork, visiting offices to get a sign off involving many physical interactions in close quarters, increasing the risk or transmitting the deadly virus. 

Digitising workflows allows drivers to do away with such interactions which could jeopardize their health, the FleetConnect application will allow the driver to:

  1. Get notified about their next trip with trip details. 
  2. Fill out their vehicle inspection report.
  3. Digitise the proof of delivery via an OTP. 
  4. Log fuel receipts seamlessly.
  5. Create custom forms to support different workflows.
  6. Keep important documents handy in digital form in the document wallet.

All this and much more is available on the FleetConnect Application on Android and iOS.

4. Live ETAs, Comprehensive reports and analytics 

FleetConnect gives you access to comprehensive reports that allows you to understand where the demand is coming from based on where your vehicle activity is centered around, allowing you to double down on what is most lucrative for you in this situation.

Trip scheduling and dispatching allows you to make quick changes to the trips while keeping the driver informed.

Live ETAs ensure that your customers know exactly when their goods are arriving, allowing companies to plan operations better.

5. Mandatory sanitization between shifts

Sanitizing of equipment should now be a part of your drivers safety routine to reduce the spread of COVID -19. 

Inspection checklists can be modified to factor in this new check so drivers can mark this as complete before starting their trip, in case this step is missed, the concerned person gets an alert so the necessary corrective action can be taken.

6. Identify COVID-19 hotspots

COVID-19 hotspots around your operating region can be geofenced on the FleetConnect application so necessary precautions can be taken to ensure the wellbeing of the drivers while they are transiting through such a location.

In case of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, history and places reports allows you to see if other drivers have been in the vicinity of the hotspot and the driver, so the necessary help can be provided.

7. Doing our bit

These are uncertain times when we all need to come together and fight the war against COVID-19, essential services staff are putting their lives in harm’s way to keep us safe, we at IoT Research Labs will be making our FleetConnect platform free for essential services fleets during this lockdown period.

We are also offering discounts to companies into non essential services, as we know how hard these times and optimizing fleet operations is the need of the hour. 

If there is any way you feel we can do more, please let us know by writing to us

We also urge you to contribute to the PM relief fund by clicking here.

We must move away from being fearful of this situation, utilize this time to learn new things, accept how things would be different and be creative and look for growth opportunities by creating value for your customers.

Hope you make the best of this time to innovate with your business, if you want to chat with us or have any questions for us, please reachout to us here.

Be Healthy, Be Safe! 

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