Deadline 1st April 2018 as GPS Tracking and Panic Button Made Mandatory for Public Transport Vehicles


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The Indian government has come up with a newDeadline 1st April 2018 GPS Tracking and Panic Button Made Mandatory for Public Transport Vehicles initiative that makes it mandatory for all taxis, buses and public transport vehicles, barring three-wheeler and e-rickshaws to have a location tracking device commonly known as a GPS tracker along with a panic button installed on the vehicle by 1st April 2018. This move by the government is a step in the right direction to improve the safety of passengers.

This technology in addition to improving safety also helps transporters and vehicle owners better manage their fleet of vehicles. Using the right GPS tracking solution help transporters increase their fleets safety, efficiency, and profitability by 10-15 percent, ultimately, it’s not just the passengers that are benefiting from this but also the transporters or vehicle owners.

Implementing this solution can work out to be a costly proposition for transporters as there is a one-time hardware cost of Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 10,000 and a monthly subscription cost of Rs. 300 – Rs. 500, luckily companies like IoT Research Labs provides these solutions at much more affordable prices with convenient Opex payment options, their solutions have helped companies increase profitability and realize their investment within the first month of implementation.

Deadline 1st April 2018 as GPS Tracking and Panic Button Made Mandatory for Public Transport VehiclesWhen governments talk about enforcing this, they better have a good plan to do so. There are many companies that provide low-cost GPS trackers with panic buttons which may not last too long and how do the enforcement authorities know that the GPS tracker and panic buttons are functioning fine? It will be very easy to install just dummy hardware, but enforcement authorities must ensure that they have the technology required to ensure that a GPS tracker and panic button are working.

The challenge here is that there are hundreds of independent companies which provide GPS trackers and panic buttons and the data remains in possession of these companies, in order for this to be a success there needs to be a centralized application that these independent companies push data to so that the authenticity of the installation can be established, the government will also have to impanel vendors that comply with the operating guidelines and guidelines need to be clearly defined on how the vendors need to operate, who should be informed about and SOS and how?

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