Bus Fleet Monitoring Solution


Comprehensive Fleet Intelligent Solution for Schools
providing visibility, enhanced safety & optimising
every aspect of your fleet


Ensure your bus is running optimal all the time with comprehensive insightful reports on fleet utilization, fuel consumption, arrival, location summary & door activity reports and trends. Reduce wait time, idle time, empty miles keeping drivers connected. Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your fleet of buses with our bus location tracker thereby worrying less about your fleet’s well-being and focusing on optimising your business operations.

ETA alerts, Mobile App for Parents

Get alerts for boarding/deboarding, wrong bus boarding and attendance marking. Also integrate mobile app with the GPS tracking system so that the accurate location of the children can be monitored. With features like speed alerts, geo-fencing of vehicles, and security notifications, you can secure the safety of your students outside the school as well. Instantly view remote camera footage of your children to know that your child is safe.

Run a Safe Fleet

Real time visibility into all critical information like location, speed, driver behavior, vehicle status and much more. Keep track on unsafe driving practices to arrive at a risk profile for each driver. Seamless incident response solution available and Gamified reports ensure the safety of the fleet improves

Optimise Route Performance

Use Route analytics and ridership data to evaluate on-time performance, identify improvements, and balance bus loads. Get insights on inefficient routes to drive change. Route Integration improves On-time Performance by easily importing routes and identify trends in bus delays, improved routes.

Respond to Parent Concerns

Get ahead of parent inquiries and quickly resolve questions about delays, missed stops, and driving incidents with real-time data and a parent-facing dashboard. Get Real time bus fleet visibility into all critical information like location, speed, driver behavior, door status, trips, fuel, vehicle status, camera feed to monitor activity.

Reduce Vehicle downtime

Your vehicle will spend less time in the work shop and preventive maintenance schedules save on vehicle repair cost. Customise your own maintenance schedules and keep a track of the usage of parts on your fleet. Monitoring trends can help you decide whether to keep or retire a vehicle or piece of equipment. FleetConnect helps you record fuel transactions, itemize and track usage of your parts when maintenance is performed and generate work orders with a wide range of reports.

Sensor Capabilities