Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Vehicle Tracking System


Reading Time: 3 mins

vehicle tracking systemIt has long been established that tracking your fleet has tremendous benefits. While some of the obvious advantages are increased visibility and operational efficiency, a vehicle tracking solution can also have a significant impact on the turnaround time and the profitability of a firm. Even with these established gains, it is surprising that only 8-10 percent of vehicles use some sort of tracking system in India. Today we would like to like to answer some very common fears faced by fleet owners.

First and foremost regarding the upfront investment. Majority of the fleet owners are not willing to shell out the cost attached to the installation of a vehicle tracking system. We agree it is a genuine concern, we would like to bring in a different perspective here. Why don’t we also look at the return on investment? It may be eye-opening for you to know that with a simple tracking solution we are able to save about 56 crores for one of our clients on a yearly basis. Just by keeping track of the turnaround time. Just give it a thought that if a simple tracking solution can have such an impact, what difference can a fuel monitoring system create when we know that the average fuel pilferage on long-haul trucks is 10-15 litres.

Second, vehicle owners are also concerned about data security. We understand that this is a serious and sensitive issue but the current vehicle tracking systems have a solution for that too. All the data is sent to a cloud such as Amazon Web Service (AWS). Hence, the security of data is taken care of by Amazon. Some vehicle tracking solution providers have made their application in such a way that even they cannot access the customer’s data. IoT Research Labs is one such organization.

heavy vehicle tracking systemThird, owners fear the fact that the installed device would hamper the mechanics of the vehicle. We would like to clear this fear once and for all. Installation of any of the devices, be it the simple trackers or the most advanced sensors does not interfere at all with the vehicle mechanics. The device only draws power from the vehicle battery and that is where the story ends. To allay this concern, a lot of firms have also come up with portable devices, which are either plug/play or magnetic.

These portable devices answer another question that baffles fleet owners. We do not own any fleet, how can we monitor. The answer is right in front of you. Use portable trackers. While these devices may not have the capability of attaching other sensors to them but they can still provide you with very relevant information. They can obviously give you the vehicle location, speed and traveled, but the plug and play devices can also monitor fuel consumption, mileage and driver behavior.

We hope we have been able to answer some of your basic queries and concerns regarding a vehicle tracking system. In case you have any other queries, feel free to connect.