How IoT Empowers Vehicle Tracking System


Reading Time: 3 mins

We are quite sure that most of you would have heard the term IoT somewhere or the other. It is surprising that the term “The Internet of Things” was coined as late as 1999 and has become omnipresent. While IoT can be explained in a lot of ways, the simplest way to look at it is this internet was used to connect people whereas IoT is about connecting physical devices. These devices can vary from a fridge to a tube light, from a car to a bag, from a book to a TV and so on. IoT is just about connecting these devices with one another over the internet. The fact that it can be used with such varied devices makes the technology very flexible, adaptive and scalable.

There can be n number of use cases for IoT and one the very pertinent case being in the vehicle management system. A lot of fleet owners/managers face the daily challenge of managing their fleets. While vehicle tracking systems have been present for a long time, IoT has infused a fresh breath of life into it. The IoT based device can not only capture a lot of parameters such as driver behaviour, idling and stopping time but also be used to attach a lot of sensors to it. So a present-day vehicle tracking system can be used for fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, load monitoring, RFID/Biometric Integration and so on. We are making significant strides in the vehicle management system.

To delve a little deeper into this, let us take a simple example of a vehicle that has to deliver some goods from point A to point B. We will try and illustrate, how an IoT powered vehicle tracking system can change the complete dynamics of the situation at hand. A lot of functionalities/features can be enabled such as:

  • Trip scheduling before leaving point A coupled with a notification that it has left.
  • Driver identification and authorization.
  • Alerts for route deviations, over speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking, excessive idling and stopping.
  • Real-time alerts for fuel theft and refuel instances.
  • Continuous monitoring of the load in the vehicle.
  • Delivery notification as it reaches point B.
  • Calculation of turnaround time, distance traveled, the time taken, mileage.
  • In the end, you can also go back in time to not only get all the reports but also see the routes taken by the vehicles.

The list can go on but isn’t this more than enough? Don’t you already feel empowered? With this data at your ready disposal can you even imagine the increase in transparency and operational efficiency of your fleet? Do you know that if vehicle management systems are implemented properly, they can have a 10-15 percent impact on profitability?

We strongly feel the time is ripe to empower your fleet with an IoT powered analytics-driven vehicle tracking system.

Unleash IoT, Unleash the true potential of your fleet.