Fleet management solutions have taken the logistics of cold chain logistics industry by storm. From seamlessly integrating smart intelligence into daily operations to empowering the fleet managers to control how their assets or people move — the recent innovations in fleet management have become a blessing to many companies!

Unlike dry storage, cold storage operators have more to maintain. Warehouse refrigeration systems, frozen distribution centers,  supplied with chillers and freezers, diesel generator sets are the biggest energy consumers and require following strict design and construction requirements.

They must operate 24-hours-a-day while sustaining the appropriate temperature, fuel levels for a wide range of commodities. This is why the supply chain industry and cold chain, in particular, is second on the list of IoT investors.

Cold chain operators must also manage post-construction challenges, such as maintaining fleet and energy efficiency, temperature balance, seamless chain operation. To avoid breakdowns, cold storage providers deploy IoT-enabled monitoring solutions like embedded sensors. Installed throughout cold storage vehicles, diesel generator sets, freezers, chillers, containers, these sensors collect data on environmental conditions and promptly send failure alerts. They transmit the aggregated data fostering a coherent tracking network.

The following aspects could be of tremendous help to you in finalizing a solution to your cold chain business.

Bringing Automation to Cold Chain Operators

Apart from real-time asset tracking, the data obtained through the IoT-powered sensors allows stakeholders to better understand the risks involved, improve operational output and distribution schedules. This inevitably translates into high customer retention, as cold chain logistics becomes more streamlined and visible.

When IoT-based solutions come into play, there is no need to check temps or environmental conditions of cold storage manually. What is more, even goods freshness can be verified without human assistance.

Accurate inventory control is another benefit received with IoT hardware. IoT technology makes a difference, eliminating the risk of shipping delays. Wireless automated inventory tracking is less error-prone than standard methods. Earlier, each stock item required manual scanning with a device at checkpoints. If failed, the data acquired by cold storage operators could be inconsistent, resulting in audit deviations, spoilt commodities or huge penalties imposed.

Overcoming the Challenges in the Cold Chain Industry

Bringing IoT into your cold chain business should help you move away from cold-packs and cooling containers and into other areas of fleet and packaged shipping methods for temperature visibility, alerts and notifications, real-time data access, automated report generation, and predicative and descriptive real-time analytics. GPS based asset tracking, RFID, fuel theft systems can also help make your cold chain more efficient, and a solid IoT solution should be able to handle that for you.

IoT technologies will continue to advance, and companies that are involved in building a smart cold chain are already investing in sensor technology to make their companies more competitive, and deliver food and drugs to consumers in the most efficient way possible and Companies that fail to embrace this enhanced quality in automation to their supply chain will fall behind.

If temperature control is part of your business we’d love to help you optimize your cold chain process. As pioneers in the IoT industry, IOT Research Labs has helped enterprises develop connectivity solutions to help drive their business forward.

Making the Transition

Oftentimes, a single tool might seem to be enough for your entire cold chain fleet operations. While a simple GPS tracker could be a smart approach for your fleet, it is wise to examine the wide array of features of any IoT-enabled solution. In this way, you will be able to receive a higher ROI for your investment.

For instance, a GPS tracker could be way more effective for your cold chain business if it is backed by the power of IoT while enabling you to monitor a plethora of other industry metrics like temperature, humidity, fuel thefts, vehicle idling, load, inefficient routes, etc. Such an approach provides you with actionable insights that help you take a decision, instantly.

A solution like this can empower fleet managers to pull out comprehensive reports and a wide frame of data to efficiently track, monitor and control their vehicles — in real-time. FleetConnect offers comprehensive tools, integrated with modern technology. From route analytics to maintenance modules; from predictive analysis to Machine Learning-driven fleet management, IoT-powered intelligence provides seamless and a wide range of solutions that might be fruitful in the long-run for your Cold chain business

So if you’re either curious about the IoT-enabled fleet intelligence solution or seriously considering to purchase one, get in touch with us to get a clear idea of what you need and why you need it.

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