How To Select The Right Fleet Management Solution – Find Out In 3 Easy Steps


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Fleet management solutions have taken the logistics of every major industry by storm. From seamlessly integrating smart intelligence into daily operations to empowering the fleet managers to control how their assets or people move — the recent innovations in fleet management have become a blessing to many companies!

There’s no exaggeration in saying that managing a fleet is an entirely different world, on its own. Be it the regular fuel thefts that could cause distress or the inefficient routes that often creep up into the delivery maps, there are often a million things to take care of. This is where the power of IoT comes in!

IoT-enabled fleet intelligence has garnered a lot of attention in the last few years. Known to increase profitability and enhance the fleet’s efficiency by 10-15%, it is versatile and a much-needed tool, with business operations skyrocketing, every single day.

And with the Central Government’s call on implementing the BS-VI norms all across the country by the year 2020, monitoring the daily operations of your fleet might not only get tedious but also quite expensive. Which is why a lot of industries and major companies are turning their heads towards the intelligent solutions that can help ease the fundamental aspect of their integral operations – logistics.

But how do you actually pick a solution that best fits your business model or industry type? Is there an actual solution that can be handcrafted for your fleet’s size or the scale you operate on? The answer is simple.

Create a checklist of key pointers that you need to consider before choosing the right fleet management solution. And for that, we’ve got you covered. The following 3 aspects could be of tremendous help to you in finalizing on a solution or even kickstarting your fleet towards an automated route.

Determine your company’s needs

The first and foremost factor to assess is the size of your company and the kind of requirements you would need. For this, you would probably require collaboration with different wings or departments present in your company to determine the daily use cases and the tools that might aid them.

So while mapping out your business’s requirements, ensure that you have a final list of questions similar to –

  • Do you need a simple GPS tracker? Or a modern, IoT-powered GPS tracking solution that provides ERP integration & monitors route analytics, the temperature of your fleet, and also your drivers’ behaviour (speed, acceleration, braking, etc), all year round?
  • Is fuel theft a pressing issue for your fleet? And will an IoT-enabled fuel sensor bring about a significant change in the way you monitor the fuel usage patterns?

And many more like these!

Choose a scalable solution

Your company will keep growing as the years go by and naturally, the fleet size might gradually increase to cater to the growing needs of the market and your business. So the solution you pick should not slow down the growth, in any manner.

Hence it becomes imperative to be backed by a solution that seamlessly scales and adapts to the changing market scenarios. While assessing this, the questions that need to be asked could be like –

  • Will the transformation from conventional fleet management to IoT-enabled fleet management be swift for your business?
  • If yes, how long would that be? Is the switch to IoT going to be effortless?
  • Is your fleet solution provider experienced in helping clients through the transition periods?

Look for a profitable ROI

Oftentimes, a single tool might seem to be enough for your entire fleet operations. While a simple GPS tracker could be a smart approach for your fleet, it is wise to examine the wide array of features of any IoT-enabled solution. In this way, you will be able to receive a higher ROI for your investment.

For instance, a GPS tracker could be way more effective for your business if it is backed by the power of IoT while enabling you to monitor a plethora of other fleet metrics like vehicle idling, inefficient routes, etc. Such an approach provides you with actionable insights that help you take a decision, instantly.

A solution like this can empower fleet managers to pull out comprehensive reports and a wide frame of data to efficiently track, monitor and control their vehicles — in real-time. But remember to look away from low-cost solutions. Contrary to their promises and objectives, inexpensive sensors often prove to be inefficient due to a lower quality of hardware used or the lower grade of technology implemented in them.

And always make sure to consider a solution that offers comprehensive tools, integrated with modern technology. From route analytics to maintenance modules; from predictive analysis to Machine Learning-driven fleet management, IoT-powered intelligence provides seamless and a wide range of solutions that might be fruitful in the long-run.

So if you’re either curious about the IoT-enabled fleet intelligence solution or seriously considering to purchase one, get in touch with us to get a clear idea of what you need and why you need it.

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