IoT-Powered Sensor Intelligence To Efficiently Monitor, Track & Manage Your Fleet’s Fuel Usage


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Fuel management, perhaps, is one of the most strategic challenges in the landscape of the fleet management industry.

Tracking the fuel efficiency all the while staying on top of the pilferage reports can oftentimes overwhelm any company yet it is imperative to do so. But why? The data we had gathered over time, having worked with various industries and consumers, indicates that many interstate & intercity vehicles that travel between 300-400 kilometres a day lose up to 30 litres of fuel due to theft! This sums up to a huge loss of about ₹ 60,000-70,000 every month.

And such neglected & hidden expenditures for the maintenance of a fleet, often are a by-product of an inefficiently-monitored fuel pattern. If not surveilled closely, expenses like these could become a pressing issue over a period of time.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet of Things into the fleet management industry, the transition of fleet operations into the digital space have proven to be seamless and effective. IoT has helped tremendously in transforming the day-to-day fleet operations, making it easier to move essential assets and products all across the nation.

What role does IoT play in a fleet’s fuel management?

Internet of Things, in the last couple of years, has significantly enhanced the fleet operations, across various industries in India. Moreover — fuel monitoring — a menace that the fleet management industry once dreaded is now, in fact, hassle-free and efficient, thanks to the innovative solutions offered by IoT.

From real-time fuel usage pattern to instant fuel theft alerts, keeping up with your fleet in this day and age is simple yet productive.

How does FleetConnect use IoT to benefit your fleet operations?

FleetConnect, our sensor intelligence solution is powered by the Internet of Things, empowering companies across a varied set of fundamental industries, to seamlessly integrate their fleet operations.

From GPS tracking to fuel monitoring, every sensor that we employ is connected to an IoT gateway that captures invaluable data, on the go!

The costs and tracking of fuel consumption are made effortlessly simple to understand with our fuel level IoT-enabled sensors. Every time there’s a sudden drop in the fuel level or when an unusual fuel usage pattern is observed, an alert is sent in real-time so that you can take action, instantly.

Vehicle idling, another key aspect causing inefficient fuel consumption can also be tackled with our reports that give you a deeper insight into your fleet’s performance and health.

Also, did you know that your vehicle might end up consuming more fuel if their maintenance is not up to the mark? Such concerns can be smartly addressed with FleetConnect, that is designed to optimize your business.

So, what can you achieve to optimize your business with our comprehensive innovation?

  • Eliminate fuel pilferage, while saving energy & money
  • Reduce your fleet’s downtime in the maintenance workshops
  • Increase operational efficiency to a greater extent
  • Drastically improve your fleet’s fuel usage patterns

By providing a solution that acts as a boon for modern-day fleet management, we also help companies increase operational efficiency and profitability by 10-15%.

If you’d like to know more about our solution and get a demo that’s customised to your business, get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to collaborate with you!