IoT Research Labs sets foot in Hyderabad


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After our successful expedition in Bangalore, IOT Research Labs decided that it was finally time for us to expand and explore new opportunities. It has now set its sight on creating another success story in Hyderabad. With our GPS trackers, we offer various smart solutions which address the real-time problems. Imagine if someone could help you with the constant nagging in your head about the whereabouts of your vehicle if only someone could assure all the time that your driver has not wrecked your car or someone could very politely point out the best way to save your fuel. Imagine someone giving you the power to control an entire fleet at the click of a button or someone who is always loyal to you and alerts you whenever there is a theft of fuel from your vehicle. Our GPS trackers come with cutting edge technology which helps you to improve your vehicle’s efficiency, save time, ensure the safety of your loved ones and assist you in managing your business so you can focus on expanding it.

We offer various GPS tracking solutions at affordable prices and our services vary from managing a fleet of 100’s of vehicles to keeping track of your important asset. Our GPS trackers are compatible with various sensors to cater to your every need.

Our GPS tracker can be coupled with temperature monitoring so you can be assured that your refrigerated trucks are operating at optimal temperature. If you are worried about theft of goods from your vehicle than our GPS trackers also comes with a load monitoring feature which will always keep an eye on the load being hauled for you.

Have you ever wondered if your company’s car is being used as a side-by cab business by your chauffeur or do you constantly have to remind your employees about their respective pick-up and drop timings? With the help of our RFID Integration and Bio-metric access control enabled GPS tracker you can increase your vehicles safety by giving access to only authorized drivers and also keeping a detailed log about the entry and exit of passengers from the vehicle and for the latter our device will give real-time alerts to your employees, will suggest them the best route, will keep track of their performance and ensure their safety as our GPS trackers come with an SOS button. One of the most glittering prospects of these trackers is the fuel monitoring system. With the ever-rising prices of fuel, we can help lower your fuel consumption by showing meaningful trends in fuel consumption and finding methods to reduce fuel costs alerting you in a case of fuel theft and when getting a re-fuel it keeps a vigilant eye so that you actually get what you are paying for.

Our devices can also help you with keeping track of school buses so you always know for sure when your child is arriving via our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) alerts and mobile app at the same time you can be assured of his or her safety via our video surveillance solution.

With our customized and smart GPS tracking solution, we have grown roots into various industries. Our customers can proudly claim that they are adopting a smart way of doing business as our solutions optimize businesses and make life simpler.