Real time temperature monitoring for Cold-chain logistics


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Almost 40 percent of India’s total food production in the country is lost in transit, wasted by consumers or damaged (according to the United Nations Development Program) and almost 80 percent of the drugs produced lose their potency due to inadequate temperature control during transport (according to We produce enough food and medicine for our entire population, and at IoT Research Labs, we provide solutions that reduce the loss of these vital resources between the producer and the consumer alongside ensuring quality.

With our GPS enabled Temperature monitoring solutions, we can accurately monitor the temperature of food, pharmaceuticals, or any other valuable, temperature sensitive cargo that requires utmost temperature regulation. Our sensors monitor temperatures with high accuracy; coupling them with door sensors, we alert you when the refrigerated truck has been opened unnecessarily, leading to one of the largest culprits for temperature change within the controlled environment. You will receive Real-time alerts on your mobile phone via SMS and Emails when there are a temperature threshold breach and unusual drops in temperature within the cabin. Our user-friendly Mobile and Web apps give you access to the temperature of your cargo from anywhere in the world on any device, also allowing you to track their location in real time, keeping you informed on how your goods are being transported. Giving you insights to take any necessary action to optimize your transportation.

The potency of biopharma goods goes down if they are subjected to temperature fluctuations and solution to solve the supply chain issues is the need of the hour in a country like India which has diverse climate and weather conditions. Implementing this system will drastically reduce any wastage of food and medical resources during transport, accelerating our country’s well being.