School Bus Monitoring


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To make kids bus journeys safer and efficient
The world has moved on from notebooks and registers to smartphones and tablets, giving birth to smart schools and smart classrooms. But why stop at the classroom? Why not also make the school transport more hi-tech? Why not use it to make commuting safer for our young ones and convenient for parents?

They say that it is not about the destination but the journey so why not make use of technology to make our journey safer?


The IOT Research Labs school bus tracking solution does that and much more. Our IoT enabled solutions to make school buses safer for your kids as we understand that their safety is of paramount importance. Our solutions are not just about GPS Tracking but also have various features such as:


ETA Alerts

Alerts regarding the arrival time of your kid can help you minimize the waiting time at bus stops. You can set how much time in advance to get the ETA alert. This is very useful for working parents as it helps them save time. This feature will help you better manage time, especially for working parents. It also removes the element of uncertainty in case of any delays.


Automated Attendance

Our solution when integrated with RFID technology can help you know that your child has boarded or got off the bus safely. You are notified each time your child boards or get-offs the bus. Knowing that your child is now safely seated on the bus or has now safely reached the school will definitely give you some composure. This system can also be used to keep track of attendance.


Video Surveillance

Keeps an eye on the kids during their journey, this system drastically reduces bullying or ragging. Our video surveillance system enables you to record the activities within the bus. This solution is essential for all schools as it provides parents and school with a sense of comfort as the kids are happy are safe.


Mobile app

The mobile app enables you to track your child’s school bus in real time. With our mobile app, you would be notified about when your child is arriving from school, in case of any delay you can use the app to get the real-time location of the school bus. Our user-friendly interface gives you all the relevant information on your fingertips.
Safety of children is something that can’t be and shouldn’t be compromised with, our solution helps make bus travel safer and more efficient. We make life simpler and safer with our school bus management solutions.