Before we even talk about the strategy we need to first understand the key points which led to road accidents.

Actually there aren’t any POINTS. There is just 1 point which is the main cause of road accidents.

“Change the driver behaviour, eliminate accidents”

That’s the secret mantra. Sounds easy, but it’s almost impossible if not backed by a strong strategy.


A typical strategy for road safety must involve the following:


  1. Identify the driving risk behaviours like Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering, Over Speeding, unsafe acts & near misses.
  2. Create a driver behaviour profile based on the above factors for each driver.
  3. Evaluate the Driver based on his profile which surgically targeted counselling backed with Reward & Recognition program which encourages & nudges the behaviour change voluntarily.
  4. Compare the changes on a month on month basis and plan subsequent counselling to maximize the effect of the counselling.
  5. Self-evaluation to make sure the driver can introspect and analyse driving behaviour.

The above 5 points which we call The Pentagonal Strategy of driver safety & Risk mitigation is the key to changing the driver behaviour in a permanent way and making sure the accidents are reduced considerably.


Now to help execute this we need 3 key ingredients:


  1. IoT Driver safety devices.
  2. Employee road safety management application.
  3. Road safety Experts to run and execute the whole strategy.


With these ingredients executing the “The Pentagonal Strategy of driver safety & Risk mitigation” helps reduce accidents and prevent fatalities.

Time for you to also execute the above strategy to help make sure

“You save lives by changing the driver mindset towards road safety”.


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Kalyan Tripathy