Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road accidents, 90% of which happens when people are travelling for work or while working.

Driver safety has always been a key responsibility for any company. But driver safety is also something which unlike many other various safety aspects, very few initiatives are seen in this regard.

When it comes to companies who have a large field sales & support force, they are the driving force behind the business. Because these are the people who are in the field and are directly responsible for the revenue of the company. But how much has companies done when it comes to their safety on roads?

Usually, companies focus on various programs and seminars on driver safety, defensive driving training which are necessary but the results of these programs are not very tangible when it comes to reducing the number of incidents because studies show that 50% of the information presented in seminars is forgotten within the hour, 70% in 24 hours and 90% within a week.

What companies of the 21st Century need are much more comprehensive ways of managing and changing the very nature of driving safety in their organisation.


To arrive at this solution a company must follow 3 steps:


Step 1:


Sensor-based driver behaviour detection, Which helps in giving real-time data on unsafe driving behaviours.



Step 2 :


Driver safety management & risk mitigation software, which provides insightful and actionable data on each driver, region & geography and driving behaviour trends. Companies can better manage what they can measure and arrive at the root cause of the unsafe driving behaviour instances and organise the necessary interventions to reach their goal of zero harm.



Step 3:


Targetted or surgical counselling program, which will be tailored for each employee, region, business unit or even geography. Where it’s no longer a lecture but targeted to change a certain driver’s behaviour. When coupled with rewards & incentives for the employees, change in employee driving behaviour becomes inevitable.


A lot of fortune 1000 companies have started taking these initiatives and the outcomes are unbelievable.

Companies have been able to:


  • Eliminate fatalities on road by up to 100%.


  • Reduction in on-road incidents by up to 80%.


“It’s not just about the changing behaviour, it’s about saving lives.”


-Kalyan Tripathy